zondag 10 april 2016

Neutralising the Effects of Hybrid Mismatch Arrangements

The final report recommended that changes be made both to domestic law and the OECD Model Tax Convention in order to neutralize the effects of hybrid mismatch arrangements, which necessarily exploit differences in tax treatment of a single entity or instrument under the laws of two or more tax jurisdictions to achieve double non-taxation including long-term deferral.

Part 1 of the report for Action 2 basically recommends the linking of rules that align the tax treatment of an instrument or entity with the tax treatment in the counterparty jurisdiction but otherwise do not disturb commercial outcomes. Also, Part 2 aims to ensure that hybrid instruments and entities do not abuse the treaty benefits and will not prevent the application of the changes in domestic law as recommended in Part 1.


The Action Plan is clearly ambitious in scope and timing and some actions will be easier to implement than others, yet there is broad political support for at least some change to the international tax system.

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